AB CrossFit is the only CrossFit facility located in North Miami Beach, FL. We are located just a few blocks from Biscayne Boulevard and 151st StreetOur space is a sprawling 4,400 sq ft with 25 ft high ceilings specially designed for physical training. We maintain a clean and organized facility so that you may call this space your second home.

  • We have a living area outside with sofas.
  • We have shower service, with free soap and shampoo.
  • There is free wi-fi, coffee, snacks, juices, merchandise, and supplements that are available.
  • We offer inclusive, supportive, professional, fun and adaptive training programs for people of all ages starting at 13 years of age. There is no maximum age limit!
  • We do not discriminate against race, religion, social or economic status, sexual orientation or age. We focus on offering an enjoyable training experience for all.
  • We proudly welcome people from all fitness levels and backgrounds. Starting with those who are engaging in exercise for the first time, or want a change in their fitness routine, all the way to competitive and high-performance athletes.

Our Mission

  • Create a positive impact in society through physical health and fitness, and prolong the livelihood of individuals as they mature in age.
  • Combine physical activity and recreation to create a sociocultural environment that transcends different generations and fosters community solidarity.


Our goal is to create a community that includes all people through sport and camaraderie. Anyone can enjoy CrossFit, from young children to the elderly, and even those limited physical abilities (adaptive). We aim to awaken an interest in exercise in young children so that combined with a nutritious diet, they can develop a positive and healthy lifestyle as they mature.



Why do we invest in CrossFit?

  • CrossFit has created a strong and positive impact in our lives. It increases our capacity to workout using specific exercise modalities and development of our broad domains.
  • We started CrossFit more than 7 years ago and have experienced that it goes far beyond athleticism. It is a lifestyle in which we achieved an improvement in physical, mental and overall health. CrossFit promotes social interaction, aids in reducing levels of depression and anxiety and general mood disorders.
  • CrossFit promotes awareness about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through a variety of exercise movements and proper nutrition.





AB CrossFit

Above and Beyond Fitness

Address: 2060 NE 153rd Street, North Miami Beach – FL 33162

Phone: +1 305.307.2414

Website: www.ab-crossfit.com

E-mail: [email protected]