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The Team

Maria Vazquez & Ivan Verdun owners of AB CrossFit

Maria Vazquez & Ivan Verdun


After falling in love with CrossFit at first sight, Ivan and Maria couldn’t get enough of it. They faced many challenges during their immigration from Argentina to the United States, however over time, their dedication to CrossFit became a shared dream: to open their own gym (box) to inspire others to achieve their health goals and transform their lives. Their focus wasn’t just physical; it was also emotional and mental. They created a welcoming and supportive environment where members feel motivated and part of a tight-knit community. Committed to CrossFit, they guide people of all ages and fitness levels on their journey toward a healthier and more active life. Throughout these years, they’ve seen their members lose weight, gain confidence, and improve their lives in unimaginable ways. AB CrossFit is a place where people not only work out but also find friendships, support, and inspiration to lead a healthy lifestyle. Maria and Ivan are a passionate couple who have changed countless lives through their love for CrossFit and their desire to help others achieve their wellness goals.

Ivan Verdun coach at AB CrossFit

Ivan Verdun


Level 2 – CrossFit Games Athlete

Rodolfo Gomez coach at AB CrossFit

Rodolfo Gomez


Level 2

Alfonso Ruiz coach at AB CrossFit

Alfonso Ruiz


Level 1 – CrossFit Kids/Teens

Yosiel Piloto coach at AB CrossFit

Yosiel Piloto


CF-OL1 Trainer – CrossFit Kids/Teens Certificate

Maria Vazquez coach at AB CrossFit

Maria Vazquez


CF-OL1 Trainer


Gianina Ferreira


CF-OL1 Trainer

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