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The PNOE Metabolic test provides us with detailed information about heart, lung, muscle health and overall metabolism. This test enables us to assess calorie burn, strength, posture and fat burning efficiency.
The analysis of the oxygen chain can most reliably take place through breath analysis, the only method that can evaluate how the heart, lungs, blood circulation, and cells work individually but also in unison. After identifying the limiting factor, one has the information needed to structure the program to overcome it.
Personalization and precision in programming yield results. That’s because no two bodies are the same, so accounting for interindividual particularities can make the difference between success and failure in achieving better health.

High metabolism and cardiorespiratory fitness are the hallmarks of reversing aging and keeping chronic disease at bay. Specifically, according to the American Heart Association, VO2max is the strongest predictor of the quality and length of life.

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